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Key Features

Drag & Drop App Builder

Smart MoBee was developed with speed and simplicity in mind. Our Drag & Drop App Builder is easy to learn but allows you to build a beautiful, working app with no prior technical training. Some features of the builder include:

▶ Choose different app layouts and preview the results instantly.

▶ Update content on the fly and have it automatically pushed to your end users.

▶ Build a full working prototype in under an hour with no coding involved.


Workflow Builder

Smart Mobee’s Workflow Builder allows you to build custom workflows from scratch using our pre-made workflows. You can tailor these templates to fit your needs in minutes, giving you both full customization and efficiency.

Alerts, Notifications,  & Announcements

Intelligent mobile alerts and notifications can be sent to your community members safely and securely based on a variety of parameters including:

▶ Geolocation of a user’s device

▶ User Status

▶ User Address


Feedback Collection & Sentiment Analysis

Smart MoBee enriches your users’ satisfaction data collection efforts through our feedback and sentiment collection capabilities. Get general to specific feedback about your community well-being through intuitive surveys on the app in order to maximize customer and user satisfaction.

Mobile Payment Processing

Smart MoBee enables the collection of mobile payment processing for your community’s payments, fees, and various expenses. Using our secure platform allows you to digitize existing and open new cash flow streams.


Instant Application Updates

With Smart MoBee, you’ll never need to wait for an App Store approval to update your core application. As you update your content, it is automatically pushed to your end users so your customers are always getting the latest and greatest.

Training & Support

At Smart Mobee, we will always set you up to succeed. We provide a multitude of training resources in addition to a dedicated support staff to guide you along the way including:

▶ Webinars demonstrating various capabilities led by our own development engineers

▶ Tutorials to help you at every step in the process to get your app up and running

▶ 24/7 customer support to assist you with any issues you encounter

Key Features
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