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Community Transformation

We Help Build Smart Communities. 

We Believe

that smart communities not only provide digital inclusiveness but have well-defined, holistic, and policy-driven strategies for applying Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to effectively address sustainability and resiliency challenges.

We help governing bodies define their strategies for smart community enablement.  The sustainability and resiliency challenges faced by communities are so wide, daunting, and challenging. Tackling all these issues is difficult and can be overwhelming and no single entity can tackle all these issues.  Failing to understand these issues leads to ineffective policies, failed implementation of technology solutions, and waste, and more importantly, negative citizen sentiments. Citizens, in most cases, understand the issues and the lengthy time that may be required to solve or mitigate these issues.  However, citizens want to see tangible progress being achieved. Therefore, managing citizen expectations during the entire transformation process is as important as addressing these issues.

Through our SMART Framework©, we help define strategies for smart community enablement and, in conjunction, we use our SMART MoBee mobile platform as a catalyst and technology enabler for fostering community collaboration supported by a strong network for information interchange and integrated services. Community collaboration involves the public, private, and academic sectors working together to provide an integrated suite of innovative solutions, services, and information portal tailored to meet the needs of a community and its citizens.

Local Government

Bridging the Gap between Government and Citizens

Living Communities

Effective Self-Governance and Improve Quality of Life of Residents

Academic Institutions

Easing the Life of Students while on Campus

Military Bases

Ease Military Personnel Transition to New Military Base Assignment

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