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Military Bases 

We Streamline Base Transition of Military Personnel and their Families.

Ease Military Personnel Transition to New Base Assignment

We understand the challenges faced by military personnel as they shift assignments constantly and move from one military base to another.  We work with base command to ease the burden for military personnel and their families to adapt to their newly assigned base through a one-stop mobile app that integrates military base information portals and services right at their fingertips.  The features of the one-stop mobile app may include the following:


View All Medical Insurance, Benefits, & General Information
Medical Tablet
View Housing Availability
Family Real Estate
Access Child Care, Health, & Development Resources
Child on Tablet
Military Base Alerts
and Emergency Notifications
PTSD, Survivor, & Suicide Prevention Resources
Therapy Session
View Available Recreational Resources
Gardening Together
View Local & Higher Education Options & Resources
Online Course
Submit Housing Satisfaction Survey

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