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SDI to participate in the upcoming SHIPPINGInsight 2023


Falls Church, VA, September 15, 2023 --- The Smart Development Institute (SDI) announced that it will participate in the SHIPPINGInsight 2023 conference from October 10 to 12 in Stamford, CT.

SHIPPINGInsight is an annual conference that focuses on fleet optimization and innovation. This year’s conference, titled “The Decade of Collaboration,” will feature exclusive sessions focusing on cross-industry collaboration while highlighting the latest tech for decarbonization, digitalization, data management and display, tools of transparency, cyber security, compliance technologies, automation, communications and satellite technology, training, disruption, diversity, and more.

On Day 2, October 11, SDI President Roberto Llames will moderate a session entitled, “Collaboration on the Human Element.” During this session, Roberto will lead a discussion panel with representatives from the Triple Helix – the public, private, and academic sectors. With so many challenges associated with the human element in the maritime industry, one approach that SDI advocates is the Triple Helix collaboration that assists mariners in dealing with human element challenges to improve their quality of life as well as help transform them into responsible stewards for ocean environmental protection. The empowerment of the mariners through a Triple Helix collaboration can lead to a Quad Helix where mariners become the 4th valued and collaborative member of the helix resulting in a Smart Maritime Community.

Roberto will also participate as a panelist on the next session entitled “Tools.” In this session, Roberto will introduce the tool SDI uses, called Smart MoBee, which promotes digital inclusion to address the many challenges of the human element as well as combat the challenges of isolation faced by mariners.

Smart MoBee is a “no code/low code” mobile application development platform for creating a one-stop mobile app that will integrate and consolidate a myriad of Triple Helix services, information portals, external URLs and workflows to be specifically tailored to support the needs of the mariners. The mobile app provides an effective tool for digital inclusion as well as an effective collaborative platform for the community and all stakeholders. This platform has many built-in features that can be harnessed to address issues like security where the mobile app provides the mariners with an Incident Reporting capability right on their fingertips. Incident Reports are then forwarded to a central command where it is processed and passed on to appropriate parties for resolution. Furthermore, this platform has features such as Alerts and Notifications, Broadcast messages, and Geo location services that can be used as effective tools for communication, outreach, and information dissemination services. Smart MoBee is designed to promote the Triple Helix collaboration.

Roberto’s interview in preparation for SHIPPINGInsight 2023:


Roberto Llames, President, SDI

P: +1 833 777 6278 x700

JiAe Sohn, Program Director

P: +1 833 777 6278 x701


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